As one of the leading Air conditioning repair services providers in the Orange county region, we have been providing a wide range of AC repair and maintenance services to our residential and commercial clients. Our certified technicians have got exposed to a wide range of Air conditioning problems by taking up repair calls originating from residents in different parts of Orange County. Our Air conditioning technicians have provided immediate solutions to AC problems by quickly troubleshooting the underlying problem and providing the needed solution.

Range of Air conditioning repairs carried out

Air conditioner not providing the required cooling effect

Over a period of time, some air conditioners fall back on performance, thereby not providing the required cooling effect to Orange County residents. Our technicians reach the residential site immediately upon receiving the service call with all the tools and equipments needed for carrying out the repairs. Our technicians quickly analyze the various factors that can lead to fall in AC cooling effectiveness. This drop in cooling effectiveness can be due to refrigerant Freon leak or any other reason. Our Air conditioning technicians have been trained to spot such Freon leak issues within minutes of starting the troubleshooting process. Using the right tools to our technicians set right the leak issue, thereby enabling the unit to operate in an optimized manner.

Air conditioner component Maintenance

Well maintained Air filters and coils play a vital role in extending the overall life span of an Air conditioner. Our Air conditioning service technicians are capable of providing regular tuning of air filters and coils as part of the scheduled maintenance activity. By cleaning the dirt and dust built up inside Air filters and coils, the system continues to provide optimum cooling efficiency without causing any spike in the energy bills. If these problems are not attended in time, it may well prove costly for Orange county home owners as the whole Air conditioning unit has to be replaced with a new one.

Outside Fan unit not working properly

The fun part of the outside unit is mainly responsible for taking the heat out of the air at room temperature inside the building. If this outside fan is not working properly, the compressor may get overheated, resulting in considerable damages to the compressor. Our technicians would do a thorough checking of the outside fan and whether it properly transfers the heat to the outside air.

Our certified technicians have attended to a wide range of Air conditioning repair service and scheduled maintenance services on a range of AC models including models that are quite popular in Orange County including Goodman, Amana and Emerson.


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